Crossout is an incredible  third-person MMO action game  about a  post-apocalyptic world  and  armored vehicles . Everything in the game revolves around these iron monsters. Your task is to create your own armored vehicles capable of wiping out the enemy from the face of the earth. The year is 2047 and only a few were able to survive on the ruins of civilization. Twenty-six years ago, an epidemic of the mysterious Crossout virus covered the planet and wreaked havoc. Now the survivors hide their identities behind masks and mercilessly fight for resources and a place in the sun. 

A game without a plot, but with reckless battles and armored vehicles for every taste. You create your brainchild and put it to the test in hardcore conditions! What could be more epic? In your hands, master, an incredible selection of all kinds of details for design. The market will help to sort out unnecessary details and find the missing ones. In addition to participating in  classic PvP battles , Crossout offers a  PvE direction  and even Brawls - a kind of fights without rules with several modes. 
In this post-apocalyptic world, you can only survive together, and therefore often it is not only about saving your own skin, but also about whole clan wars. In addition, the Engineer faction, Lunatics, Drifters, Scavengers, Steppenwolves and Children of the Dawn are always ready to throw nice bonuses to their followers.


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